Friday, August 05, 2005

You tied up sparrows in our arms and taught us how to fly

Almost a day has passed since we waved our hands –saying goodbye- to the cameras that connected us, through the AccessGrid, with James, Arturo, Andy, Manuel, Ivi, Caitlin, Jung-Min, Geonae, Michael and his kangaroo tail J, Taylar-Jo, Mick, Rosie, Sheree, Susan, Patrick, David and all that huge team behind the cameras. One day is not too much… well yes and no. A day seemed to be too much when we were rehearsing, suffering local and remote problems, tired some of us, sleepy others, all of us worried. A day is nothing now, when we are able to look back and we start to count all the magnificent things that occurred to convert “In Common: TIME” not just in a successful project and a wonderful experience, but also in a MAGIC TIME.

Yes, MAGIC, in capital letters. Isn’t it magic what happened between us and with us? In a period of time in which the anger, traduced in such horrible and violent attacks to different countries (hearts and souls have been broken worldwide), seems to be the only global thing that happens; Someone called Arturo, that has a wonderful group of people that believes in his wacky ideas, thinks that it is quite possible to create a virtual scenario in which children and adults of Korea, Australia, USA, England and Chile, can get to know each other and also to do a really good thing just because of the pleasure of trying something new… Hi tech? Yes. But is there anything more cold than technology? I don’t know, but I can tell you that with that technology that crazy man tied up sparrows in our arms and taught us how to fly… that wasn’t cold at all.

No, this is not a metaphor, it can’t be a metaphor, because I saw five children –named Cynthia, José Antonio, Jaime, Hugo and Nicolás- happily giving their best efforts to accomplish Arturo's dream. Five children enjoying the work, the jokes, the words, the creativity of an enormous group of people that taught them that a dream can become real if you trust others and collaborate with them no matter how distant they are, or how many differences they have with you.

All I’ve got to say is THANKS TO ALL OF YOU! It was such a pleasure to experience this fly with you. And, by the way, Hugo, Nicolás, Jaime, José Antonio and Cynthia, asked me to tell Arturo and his wonderful team, that if they plan a new wacky performance, please count with them.

Ooops, I’ve almost forgot, a very nice report was published today in the most important Chilean newspaper, El Mercurio, check it out at:{E9A667C4-852D-453E-8B56-1C177658FBFF

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arturo said...

Sometimes journalists leave you cold and dry although perhaps well informed. You, however, have managed to transmit not only accurate facts but most importantly the emotion and feelings which connected all participants in this event. That is great journalism, thanks Maria Jose

María José López Pourailly said...

Thanks Arturo, but how could I transmit something diferent? Todo esto ha sido muy lindo... gracias! Ah! Y viva México! ;-)