Wednesday, August 03, 2005

What a great way to work!

To live in Chile and work in advanced networks and in communications it is not easy for a journalist. Not at all. First, we are far away from everything, and this implies that most of the people believe that we are also far from development, most of them don’t know how close to everything we are since we have this huge network called REUNA. But... and this is a really good “but”, because of James’ performances, thanks to him and his team (all very nice and funny people), we are starting to conquer a position in some citizens minds and hearts.

I have posted a report at REUNA’s website (just in Spanish... sorry:
) and with the collaboration of Alejandra and Loreto –the two journalist that work with me- we have attracted the attention of the media. Today a very good report was published at La Tercera newspaper, the second one in importance in Chile, you can check it out at: Also, on Friday we will have a nice huge report of 1 big page, at El Mercurio, the most important newspaper of our country. Thanks for this!

But what I consider the most important thing it is not the media, it is the wonderful experience that the children that are working with us are living, and this is because of you. The little ones, Cynthia and José Antonio feel like they are TV stars, and they have really enjoyed the experience. The musicians, Jaime, Hugo and Nicolás, can’t belive that they are playing for such an audience and, most of all, for a maestro like James.

We have all really enjoyed the experience... of course we are a little (too much) tired, but when we see the results, when we see this kids faces, and their reactions, and their parents reactions, and the amusement that the journalists that are comming to watch the performances shows... well, we feel fantastic, and that is exactly the most great way to work.

Thanks a lot... and for the performances of the 4th, let me say: ¡Mierda, mierda, mierda! (“brake a leg” in the Chilean way).

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arturo said...

We are definitely growing up together and breaking down stereotypes like 1sr World, 3rd World and demonstrating in a very palpable way that we all have a common soul. We are proud of being part of this collaboration which is planting some seeds that will spread and nurture current and future generations,
Viva Chile Mierda!!!