Thursday, July 27, 2006

TRANSART where the adventure started

There are a few things that put the city of Linz in my brainmap, one of them being Ars Electronica (coming up shortly, August 31, mark your calendars, reserve plane tickets and come up with a good excuse to leave your job!), the other is the OK Center for Contemporary Arts (pronounced O-KAA) where I am currently engaged, to say the least, in a New Media residency program.

All this been made possible by the folks at Transart Institute , who have designed this program.
It seems a long time since I left the swamps in Florida but it has only been a week. However the intensity of the program and the 12-16 hour days of non-stop creative process creates a different time reference. In this compressed time films have been made, installations have come up (and down), and lives have been steered in new directions.

In the very few hours that we have to ourselves I will honestly try to record in this "external memory" device some of the thoughts and happenings that occur not only to me but as a collective of artists and technologists as well as scientists who compose this exciting community.