Monday, October 31, 2005

Time Flies When You Are Having Fun

So now we only need to rig them, paint them and make them come alive. Hmmm... let's see, we also need the scripts, sound, lighting and effects, and oh yeah! we need to rehearse!. Right, to rehearse and rehearse again. Are we missing something? let me think...

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Performance Night!

Finally done. After some frustrating rehearsals (what's new) the final performance went without a glitch. Great job everyone who participated. The people in Arizona were impressed and we got some very good feedback. We also learned a great deal in the process. And the piece was so appropriate, what with the Wilma playing Woswo!

Now the performance with Egypt looms ahead. That will make a great triangle, Gainesville, Chile and Egypt, wow! Oops! I almost forgot the audience in Illinois this time, at the Super Computing Conference. So it's more like the squaring of the triangle. Hmm, now that I think of it is more like a pyramid...I guess it's late.

Thanks to Lorena, Natalie, Renee, Andy, Pat, Salam, Anthony in Gainesville and Nicolas, Hugo, Jaime, MariaJose and Joaquin in Chile and to James for channeling the magic to the unsuspecting audience in Arizona and other parts of the world!

Monday, October 17, 2005

Gift of the Wind

You are all invited this next Thursday 20th and Friday21st to the international collaborative performance of The Gift of the Wind. At the REVE at 5pm. The piece is only 5 minutes long. So make sure you get there on time or you will miss it!
Thursday shows are at 5 pm and 5:30pm. Friday Shows are at 4:30, 5 and 5:30pm.
We are collaborating with Chile and transmitting to Arizona State for the International Fine Art Deans Conference.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Soul of the Machine

Arthur Ganson is an artist-engineer with a great inventive and whimsical mind. Some of his sculptures remind me of Remedios Varo, a surrealist spanish painter that worked and lived in Mexico City when I was a young student. Her work influenced me very deeply. When I first saw her paintings and her sculptures (made with bird and reptile bones), art, and the poetry of art as a way of life opened before me as a beautiful and misterious way that I was determined to follow. As with any way, you sometimes get lost. When I found Arthur Ganson's sculptures it was like a wake up call to stand up and continue walking along that beautiful and misterious way of poetic discovery and exploration.

Remedios Varo (1913-1963)

If you would like to buy a DVD with most of Ganson's work and the process of creation, you can get it here
If you are interested in the work of Remedios Varo (and you should be) there is an Amazon link to the right.
This is a link to a dynamic geometry representation of Ganson's "Cary's Chair" sculpture. It helps you understand the mechanics of that wonderful piece.

Sunday, October 02, 2005


Hey Arturo I just noticed your comment about the quote on my blog- it's from Hermann Hesse's Steppenwolf- a glorious book I must say. Here's another: "..the bourgeois today burns as heretics and hangs as criminals those to whom he erects monuments tomorrow"
I just finished Daniel Quinn's Ishmael- another powerful novel.