Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Alaska's bad Genes

When two of the most horrible, unethical and irresponsible specimens the human race can produce appear at the top of the food chain we can easily deduce that gene disease is spreading in Alaska. Were Sara Paling and Lisa Murkowski separated at birth? Or is total disregard for the future (and present) of the human species a typical Alaskan trait? Eskimos have had time to adapt to subzero temperatures through thousands of years, but apparently more recent opportunistic invasive species like Palinians and Markowsians have suffered a serious brain freeze that has only left their greed organs intact.

This arrogant woman (take your pick, they are interchangeable) is using the power entrusted to her by her "constituents" (read oil companies, dirty power plants and other offending industries) and supported by her "fellow republicans" to prevent any measure that might protect the environment, our health and that of our children, not to mention the rest of the animal kingdom and every other species from certain destruction were she to prevail.

Maybe the very dim witted Pat Robertson has a point. God is punishing the human race for having given birth to defective specimens like him and the above mentioned abominations which are of course loudly and openly applauded by a "broad swath of industry, agriculture and energy lobbies" which are afraid any E.P.A regulation might cut into their obscene profits, GOD FORBID!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Supreme Puppet Judges of America

It won't cease to amaze me the stupidity of a system that allows a bunch of decrepit right-wing fanatics, so called "judges", to destroy one of the greatest countries in the world by letting themselves be, very profitably swayed, by the profiteers that rape and ravage our land for the benefit of their bank accounts, their "stakeholders" benefits and the will of politicians intent on grabbing the power to curtail what we so arrogantly tout to the rest of the world, freedom and democracy.

Disguising their vomitive decision as "freedom of speech", they, with their supine ignorant vote, have managed to enthrone what is simply hate speech, hate for the future of children for generations to come, hate for the land, hate for the health of our planet, who in the hands of greedy corporations will simply be depleted and destroyed in record time, if they get their wish, since they in turn will be able to pick and choose their limp representative puppets to govern us.

I say if they get their wish, because, if we were in almost any other country, people would be in the streets by the millions, putting their lives on the line to bring down these arrogant fools who have already shown their utmost lack of respect for the human species.

Theirs is not just another legal decision, but a deadly blow to a democracy already failing, corroded as it is by the powerful interest of banks, religious right wing fanatics whose media empires mush and blend in thoughtless pulp the minds of the ignorant and hapless masses under their spell.

Am I mad? no, I am furious, mostly with myself, for having believed in the possibility of a better world, and having brought children to this world with the hope for a better life. Unfortunately, moving to a better, more respectful country, with a better, more open and most importantly, more intelligent dialogue is not a solution, but certainly to be considered, why? because the decision of these blind idiots affect not only this land but the globe as a whole.

They have, with their stamp of approval to rape, given permission fo the polluters, destroyers and economic terrorists of our world, carte blanche to do as they wish, since obviously we won't be able to exert any more influence abroad after this, the most deleterious decision, taken by public officials, elected by the power of money, since Bush's imbecile and well orchestrated decision to do, whatever it took to shape our world for ever. I am sure, dim wits like his or the likes of the Palins, the Limbaughs or the Pat Robertsons of this country must be very proud of their accomplishments.

It shames me to be part of this limp and weak society that allows itself to be abused in such obscene and unjust way, without even making a stand.


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Help is in our Hands

From the book: Solidarity Will Transform the World by Jeffrey Korgen

There are some points in life when every other thing is secondary. This is one of those moments, when millions of people are terrified and with a very grim future ahead.

We are all connected. Our group is like a family, we will work together for months, in some cases we will make friends forever. Our fellow student Christine Irvika, is from Haiti, let's hope that her family is well and let's keep her in our thoughts. She is part of this family.

In two days more than 4.5 million dollars have been texted to aid in this disaster. We can help right from where we are.

Call 90999 on your cell phone and text "HAITI." You will be charged $10.00 on your phone bill, the money of which will go to the Red Cross.

If you want to send goods instead, this is one suggestion, since it goes directly to the closest point of contact (their neighbors in Santo Domingo), "official aid" always takes too much time at a time when hours make a difference:

The Centers of the Company of Jesus in Dominican Rep. (Santo Domingo: Bono and Alberto Hurtado Center; Santiago: Center Bellarmino and CEFASA; Dajabón: Border solidarity) has established an aid network to help the victims of the earthquake in Haiti. They are accepting the following :

- Can Kidney beans
- Can sausages - Can Sardines - Can Tuna - Saltine crackers
- non-perishable Milk - Fruit juices in non-perishable containers - Nonperishable Foods.

- Oral rehydration serum - Gauzes - Cotton - Analgesic (acetaminophen, ibuprophen) - - Elastic Bandages - Antitetanic Toxoide - Human antitetanic Ganmaglobulina - Antibiotic (amoxicifilina, in suspension and/or tablets) - Antiseptic (type yodopovidona, or type soap of clorhexidina) - sanitary Towels

Please send no clothing
You can send your contributions to the following addresses:

- Bonó, c. Josefa Brea N. 65, Mejoramiento Social, Santo Domingo.
Tel.: 809-682-4448. sjrmbono@sjrdom.org
(You need to activate Javascript to see this web.)


- Centro Alberto Hurtado, Av. Jiménez Moya N. 37, (al lado de
Inazúcar), Santo Domingo