Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Alaska's bad Genes

When two of the most horrible, unethical and irresponsible specimens the human race can produce appear at the top of the food chain we can easily deduce that gene disease is spreading in Alaska. Were Sara Paling and Lisa Murkowski separated at birth? Or is total disregard for the future (and present) of the human species a typical Alaskan trait? Eskimos have had time to adapt to subzero temperatures through thousands of years, but apparently more recent opportunistic invasive species like Palinians and Markowsians have suffered a serious brain freeze that has only left their greed organs intact.

This arrogant woman (take your pick, they are interchangeable) is using the power entrusted to her by her "constituents" (read oil companies, dirty power plants and other offending industries) and supported by her "fellow republicans" to prevent any measure that might protect the environment, our health and that of our children, not to mention the rest of the animal kingdom and every other species from certain destruction were she to prevail.

Maybe the very dim witted Pat Robertson has a point. God is punishing the human race for having given birth to defective specimens like him and the above mentioned abominations which are of course loudly and openly applauded by a "broad swath of industry, agriculture and energy lobbies" which are afraid any E.P.A regulation might cut into their obscene profits, GOD FORBID!

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