Thursday, October 13, 2005

Soul of the Machine

Arthur Ganson is an artist-engineer with a great inventive and whimsical mind. Some of his sculptures remind me of Remedios Varo, a surrealist spanish painter that worked and lived in Mexico City when I was a young student. Her work influenced me very deeply. When I first saw her paintings and her sculptures (made with bird and reptile bones), art, and the poetry of art as a way of life opened before me as a beautiful and misterious way that I was determined to follow. As with any way, you sometimes get lost. When I found Arthur Ganson's sculptures it was like a wake up call to stand up and continue walking along that beautiful and misterious way of poetic discovery and exploration.

Remedios Varo (1913-1963)

If you would like to buy a DVD with most of Ganson's work and the process of creation, you can get it here
If you are interested in the work of Remedios Varo (and you should be) there is an Amazon link to the right.
This is a link to a dynamic geometry representation of Ganson's "Cary's Chair" sculpture. It helps you understand the mechanics of that wonderful piece.

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Jill Lavetsky said...

hey arturo thanks for posting that info about Varo's work, it's going to help me tremendously with my ideology in the paintings i'm currently working on. they are paintings of these mythological inventions with human parts-animal parts-mostly horse and bird- and wheels attached to the legs. i haven't really dealt with much myth or surrealism in my paintings until recently so reading about artists like that will positively affect me. :o)