Thursday, August 04, 2005

What a week!

Many days later then planned, we have finally resolved our technical problems here in Los Angeles.

The network never worked well until Monday afternoon. Even though we have a dedicated pipe to the Internet, we were sharing a router with every wired and wireless user at the conference! Successfully upgrading the Insors node from 512MB to 1.5GB of RAM was humorous -- at first. Three trips to the local computer store and none of the memory worked. The Insors home office finally ripped apart their machines and by Tuesday noon, we were free of virtual memory woes.

With the help of Nate from Insors and replacement of wireless microphones, audio from our remote sites was much improved on Wednesday.

Hard work by EVERYONE has resulted in a great set of performances on Wednesday. We greatly appreciate the enormous effort made worldwide. Some very important people saw the show on Wednesday. I will not be surprised if we are asked to do something even bigger next year.

Hey Michael, that's a mighty big instrument and remember to shake that tail!

Setup in the rear of the LA room is a giant audio mixer, six laptops, and just a keyboard, mouse, and monitor for the Insors grid.

Spatialized audio from the Grid only took six laptops!

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