Saturday, August 06, 2005

Caffeine Frenzied Few Weeks

Well What a few weeks. What can I say…. We all did a wonderful job and I hope we get the chance to keep the connections up. Until we get the chance to do it again with even more nodes.

Here is a brief account of the some of the key moments for the UK crew.

Rebuild number one. Reconfigured access grid node to use the Insors software. Went easily enough.

Rebuild number two. Running network with minimal security. Got hacked. Got a call at home after 2 hours sleep to say that the machine was on and sending suspicious data. Super Janet was about to shut down my connection over the weekend !!!!!!!!!!!

5 hours later I had it sorted but not tidy!!!!!!!!

We had two major network outages one was the main municipal switch which took down around 5 colleges and we missed a rehearsal.

The other was less serious and was fixed by rebooting our switch at another college site.

The performances were filled with anxiety, anticipation and excitement (a strangely addictive mix), what would crash this time? Would we be able to fix it in time? Would our performance be ok?

Pat, Sue and Dave trying to stave off sleep and understand direction :-)

Pat puts in some Camera training whilst waiting to go on camera. Ably assisted by Paul (Senior camera man) and Kate (Production Assistant).

Rod (Producer) and Mike (Production Manager) come alive in front of the camera....
Like all good British shows. The cast and crew were kept awake by many cups of tea.

Well that brings me to the end of my thoughts for the week. It was hard and challenging but all the problems seem to fade away when you see the reactions of the children around the world.

I tend to see these things as technological challenges but they are far far more than that. One day I would like to meet you all in person.

One final thought.

We had all this technology but we could not do anything about the time zones :-( I imagine i will have to wait for teleportation!!!!!!

Best wishes to you all and lets just keep doing it.....

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Hello there

I'd just like to say well done to Pat, my dad ^_^

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