Tuesday, August 23, 2005

iCAGE: Experimental Performance Hybrid

iCAGE (2005)
for ipod, fm transmitter and any number of FM radios
arranged by pagano.

iCAGE is an homage and a pun on contemporary consumer entertainment trends.
it seeks to remind us of the possibilities embedded in electronics without providing a judgment system or defense of digital fine arts. It also serves as an overdue expression of personal gratitude to John Cage.

Prior to the concert, the performer pre-loads either John Cage reading his diary, or Indeterminacy lectures from 1950 on the ipod. The piece can use any number of radios or "receivers" that can tune into the frequency emitted from the ipod
The radios are placed all around the performing space at variable distances from the performer and variable locations depending on the performance space
Using a readily available FM transmitter attached to ipod, an itrip, [made for tuning ipod to car and home stereos] the lecture or reading is broadcast to the radios arranged in the space.
The menu dial on the ipod is randomly tweaked back and forth in scrub mode to reveal chance phrases and noises.
the performance would conclude when the performer allows one entire sentence to be spoken by John Cage.
static and other interference from the radios is considered a plus.

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