Thursday, January 17, 2008

Sculpting the model

Although I will probably use traditional wood for most of the body, I want to try to make models of the parts with Apoxie Sculpt and Apoxie Clay, some of my favorite sculpting materials for small models, prototypes or part replacements. The only drawback in this case might be the weight, but then maybe not in the case of the hip which needs to be heavier since it is the center of gravity.

I left the ball of clay harden a little too much and so after whittling away for a while I finally gave up because it went past the "leathery" state which is so pleasant to work with.

Now it is up to power tools to pick up. I'll do that in a couple of days when it has harden enough and does not gum-up the blades or the sandpaper.

I really like the line of Apoxie products. I recommend them to my students and I use them frequently. They are easy to work with , extremely durable and have good mechanical resistance. Not to mention shelf-life!.

I found a couple of containers that had a bit left and had been "lost" for over three years. They were on the humid and very hot environment of the Florida swamp. That is just the opposite of what they recommend; 'refrigerated and dry to extend shelf life'

Well, other than being a little harder at first, after kneading it for a few minutes they came back to life and behaved as expected.

Now, if they only gave me a discount for the plug :-)

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