Sunday, January 13, 2008

It's 2008, start of my report

Remember when we waited in anticipation for the end of the century and the coming of the new millennium? Well, we are already 8 years into it and have only 82 more to go for the next one, so let's get going.

Graduation date at TRANSART is only 6 months away and that is enough for me to lose weight! what with the very little sleep and the increasing pressure of finishing the crazy idea I started with?

First of all I should say what my mentor told me when I expressed my doubts about even getting close to the result I envisioned, "'s ok to fail, that is why this is an MFA program. It allows for experimentation sometimes beyond your ability or means", although the comment certainly relieved some of the anxiety (like a pressure cooker I was about to explode and spill the beans all over the walls) it by no means slowed me down in trying to achieve. I remembered what André Breton said: "let's be realistic, let's ask for the impossible"

So here I go. I decided to migrate my somewhat 'static' site to this blog which will now record my footsteps towards an unfinishable goal, which is the nature of New Media and anything that has to do with digital technology.

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