Sunday, January 13, 2008

Controlled chaos

©2007 arturo sinclair
The Creator Stage scheme

The paragraph below was created in a moment of absolute (well, I am exagerating) despair, since I had just broken my ribs and could not see how I could ever finish the project with the available resources (like...nothing?) But as my ribs healed so did my spirit and I was able to embark on the ship of fools again, this time as a captain of my own destiny (I say this with confidence because I am so damn deterministic!)

These are the basic stage and technical elements that I conceived for the project. At this point, due to difficult health and financial circumstances I will only attempt to create an interactive virtual simulation of the project, and use the simulation to obtain grants or other funding to realize the original idea. (A .pdf with a complete description of the original project can be found here)

What follows are some of the graphic elements and components for the 3D simulation.

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