Sunday, June 29, 2008

The OZ connection

The software is finally (well...) done. I mean it is totally functional, does what it is supposed to be and it is absolutely beautiful to look at. The design is old-school, meaning lean, efficient and therefore aesthetically perfect on my book. Thanks to Philip for never being satisfied. In fact every day there is some internal change that makes it run faster or adds even more functionality.

I will provide pictures of the UI in full operation as it grabs puppet positions, controls lights, sounds etc. It feels a bit like those old music sequencers which were so intuitive and logical and therefore easy to use, yet produced any result that your imagination demanded. This is the case.

These are some current pics of the UI before anything is loaded. The puppet figure is just a place holder until the cameras, both for tracking and for position display are connected.

This last shot shows the tracking grid. All the application is done modularly so that everything can be customized, such as the resolution of the grid which in this case represents the size of the stage, basically 6x8 meters. Every cell triggers different responses from the Creator based on the performer actions and timing.

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