Wednesday, February 06, 2008

String Instrument


Here is the Creator waiting to have his nervous system installed. The secret to a balanced marionette lies mostly in the stringing that controls it both internally and externally.

The strings that hold the different parts of the body from the inside act as ligaments as well as nerves, that stabilize and enable the parts to move in relationship to each other. By transferring forces and movement information through the spinal string, which is the case with our body, it keeps us balanced and acts as a conduit through which our brain controls our movement.

In the case of a traditional marionette, that brain or intelligence comes from the learned hand of the player of the strings, the puppeteer.

In this case it will be the computer or rather the microprocessor, together with the sensorial system that feeds it information about its environment, that will make the equivalent of conscious decisions as to what to do and when.

The other part, the involuntary movements, the character, arise from the structure that has evolved from interacting with the laws and forces that constitute the semiotic "liquid" in which the creature evolves.

This evolution has produced the structural support (skeleton) and the relationship between the systems that allow both us and a marionette designed under those principles to act and respond accordingly, with or without consciousness or awareness of that which ultimately controls us.

This sequence was produced simply by lowering
the spinal control until it no longer supports the body.

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