Sunday, May 04, 2008

Chicken Coop

After thinking for what seemed years, about what the material for the background for the stage should be I decided to use something called "hardware cloth". I must admit I had never heard such term until I described what I wanted to a person I know at my local Loew's store. He immediately said, "you want hardware cloth", I said "no it must be metallic!". So he simply lead me to the garden area and noted that it was just a sort of "chicken wire". So that was exactly what I wanted, but did not know the name, so now you know too.

Hardware cloth

It is pretty sharp and can cut you very nicely if you are not careful. I did not use gloves because I had to bend the ends and the gloves prevented that, so it took quite a while to do it without bleeding to chicken death.

Here it is already cut and tried for a good fit. I like how it seems a natural fit to the rest of the stage. The idea is that not only supports the materials and "stuff" that I will put there, but it also acts as a grid with all the connotations that the word has in terms of media. Once I project from behind (over a translucent substrate) it will look, or so I hope, as a kind of coarsely pixilated environment, very apropos with the theme.

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