Monday, January 16, 2006

Ready for your first bot?

I've chosen the "Symet" to be your first "warm-up" project. Symet is one of the simplest BEAM robots that you can build. It uses only a few easy to find parts and it is a good introduction to a solar-powered independent creature. Another great advantage is that there is a site with complete and detailed instructions on how to build it so you can refer to it as well. This project only takes a few hours at the most, so it should be up and running by next Thursday.
Check the list of parts on the link above and get them at any of the 3 or 4 Radio Shacks in town.

Also please check the list of Workshop Materials on the right column. I linked to very inexpensive ones that I have found if you want to order them online. Although we have some of these materials and/or tools in class you will be able to advance much faster if you have your own. You will be glad you have them long after this class.
The "Nice to have" items are for those of you who have more than a passing interest in how electric or electronic things work.

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