Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Puppet Motivation

Hey guys. I just recently stumbled across Jan Svankmajer's stop motion animations and they are really inspiring... you should check them out if you can. He's a puppet artist from Prague who is known for influencing the work of Tim Burton, but in my opinion Svankmajer's stuff is more interesting. If you haven't seen his rendition of Alice (in wonderland) you should!!-- they have it at the library.

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arturo said...

Jan Svankmajer is one of the greatest influences on anybody that has ever "stumbled" upon his genius. Any filmmaker, stop-motion animator or pupeteer, sculptor or writer, any artist for that matter has a lot to learn from this magician. His work has always been highly experimental and disturbing. Probably some of the most outstanding films directly influenced by Svankmajer are the ones by the Brothers Quay. They paid homage to their inspiration by naming one of their films "The Cabinet of Jan Svankmajer"
Another film you might enjoy is Faust and Conspirators of Pleasure as well as any of his shorts.