Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The Gift of the Wind is a go!

With very little time to create, rehearse and perform this show is already slated for September 29th, next week! So the only choice we have is to pack one rehearsal after the other until performance day. We will start Friday at 6pm and rehearse Saturday and Sunday at 3pm. This means those interested should get together tomorrow to prepare some basic stuff, more like placeholders for what needs to be done. Everyone both here and in Peru is on a great rush to make this happen. Like a friend told me once; "Be realistic, ask for the impossible!"
We will talk about it tomorrow.
The sky pictured above is from Katrina over Mississippi. It the inspiration for Woswo's appearance over the peaceful village. I composited over a picture of the stage in Peru just to give an idea of what it could look like. The man standin there is one of the organizers.

If someone has a small fish tank please bring it to do some tests (sky generation with water and ink)

And this is the mask of the condor, who will, together with the shaman, bring the gift of wind (music) to the people, liberating them from evil. It's costume is being made now, it might be ready for Friday but if not we can rehearse with the mask alone.

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