Sunday, July 31, 2005

This is the opening 3 screen that people see at Siggraph or here at the REVE. Our screen is 18 feet tall with quadraphonic sound, so you get the idea. In the back room where the green screen is, we run around like mice on RedBull trying to get things happening in sync with the rest of the world. If you want to come see the show (August 1 to 4 at 7pm) here at the REVE you can find directions by clicking here

Caitlin and Mannie talking to their new friends in Korea, Australia, England, Miami and Chile . By now they feel very comfortable and at ease in the world stage. How many 11-12 year olds have experienced this? A few years from now I am sure we will reverse the question, who hasn't? (and today two 6 year old girls, one here in Gainesville, the other in Santiago, Chile took the mikes of their own accord and started talking to each other during the break)

This is the last rehearsal before performance tomorrow at Siggraph and around the world. It went much smoother but again, whatever can go wrong it will and that is part of the excitment everybody feels. Years from now all this will seem crude and naive, but for now we can say there are many things that are happening and we are experiencing for the first time. And we are part of it! not only that, we are making it happen! Does that make us old?
BTW the photos look a little fuzzy because they are snapshots taken with my cel phone and sent directly to the blog. You can do the same if you are members of this blog by registering here

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